June 23: Classic Canefighting

One of the most practical modern day personal protection tools is the classic cane. Innocent looking, legal to carry, and easily available in a variety of styles, the cane provides you with the ultimate in personal protection.

WHAT: A one day, two hour hands-on introductory sampler on the no-nonsense tactics of cane fighting. Participants will learn the fundamental basics of cane manipulations and tactics designed for personal protection. Techniques will include basic striking, blocking, hooking, trapping, twirling, slashing, weapon disarming, and vital and pressure point strikes. Learn to control your opponent in a gentle manner through the unique grappling cane techniques available only through this class. Ideal for men, women, children senior citizens, law enforcement and security personnel.

WHEN: Sunday June 23 2013 from 1pm to 3pm. ARRIVE EARLY.

WHERE: The Martial Science Center, holding class within the Southfield Martial Arts Institute, 29100 Southfield Rd, Southfield MI. (248) 703-1471.

WHO: This course is open to anyone ages 14 and older. Previous martial arts experience is not required.

BRING: You must provide your own standard wooden cane. These are available at most drugstores.

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean clothing, or your martial arts uniform.

FEE: Advanced registration is $40. At the door is $50. Members of the ISBF is $30. Senior citizens and disabled individuals are invited to train for free as our guests.

REGISTRATION: Call John Parks Sensei at (248) 703-1471 for registration.

About the instructor: John Viol Shihan is a 46 year career martial sciences veteran trained, tested, and licensed in Japan. He is a combat trainer and instructor for members of elite military, law enforcement, and executive protection services. Mr. Viol is the Chief Instructor and sole United States representative for Seishinkan International, the International Sogobudo Federation, All Japan Bukijutsu Federation, and more. Visit http://www.seishinkan.com/ for additional information.

OCT 25: US-MTA Personal Protection Level 1

Martial Tactical training focuses on reality based, armed and unarmed, practical solutions to real world close quarters combative encounters faced by private citizens and professionals. Primary emphasis is placed on tactics and applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. This includes the tactical pen, tactical flashlight, folding knife (blade folded), baton, and kubotan.

This curriculum is designed to provide trainees with improved mindset towards an assailant, as well as instill a greater sense of situational awareness. The core physical techniques are primarily percussive (striking). Using realistic targets and other parameters, the trainee is familiarized with and instilled with the necessary determination to prioritize survival in an altercation.

Ann Arbor Arms

5060 Jackson Rd Suite H, Ann Arbor MI