October 27 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Martial Science Center is hosting Mr. John Viol of the United States Martial Tactical Association for Adaptive Handgun 1: Reality based modern tactical training for personal protection.

A one day, two hour, hands-on introduction to reality based professional personal protection training designed for private citizens. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of HOW TO PROTECT AND USE A HANDGUN NOT TO SHOOT during a personal assault. Training applications covered will include armed and unarmed solutions designed to control or neutralize a serious personal threat. Additional tactics and techniques covered will include applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. These modern protection technologies are taught to Military and Law Enforcement Officers and are now available to the general public only through this specialized training seminar. This is a must attend event for everyone with a CPL in Michigan. Note: do not confuse or compare this elite type of training with common self-defense or martial “arts” methods. NOTE: No real firearms will be used.

This training seminar is open to anyone ages 21 & older. No experience necessary. Ideal for men and women. Senior citizens CAN DO THIS!

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean daily clothing. We will provide everything else you will need.

FEE: $40.00 per person advanced registration. $50.00 at the door. ISBF / US-MTA members $35.00.

REGISTER: Call John Parks at (248) 703-1471 to register.

INSTRUCTORS: John Viol – Director of the US Martial Tactical Association. Mr. Viol is a 46 year career Martial Tactical veteran instructor. He was a combat trainer overseas for 20 years where he also consulted for members of elite military, law enforcement and dignitary protection services. Mr. Viol will be assisted by certified US-MTA and NRA Instructors.