Jujutsu has often been translated as the “Gentle Art.” Truly, a more fitting understanding of Jujutsu may be the “Art of Fluid Adaptability.” Classical jujutsu hinges on the ability to flow mentally and physically with an attacker. Regardless of whether either party is armed, this kind of fluidity allows one to disrupt the attack and respond with efficiency and effectiveness. Jujutsu isn’t about the biggest or the strongest; size and strength take a back seat to timing, balance, and the concept of “fluid adaptability.”

Our practice of Classical Yagyu Jujutsu focuses on the immediate accessability to application. In other words, this information must work—NOW. From your very first day of practice of this highly efficient martial study, the techniques taught must be usable, logical, and adaptable to a variety of situations.

Other schools may limit their focus on specific “arts” or “ways,” for example, looking at striking arts, weaponry arts, and grappling arts independent of one another. By employing a Sogobudo or “well rounded martial approach” to our training, we look for the connection of the various methodologies of personal protection. Instead of looking at specific martial techniques, we examine “martial movements” or “martial templates” and interpret them from the various paradigms.

Through the study of striking, blocking, throwing, pinning, joint locking, choking, and using pressure points, along with a large variety of weapons, you will cultivate an understanding of how to be fluid in the moment and adopt the appropriate martial response. Regardless of your age, height, weight, gender, athletic ability, or physical limitations, the practice of Classical Yagyu Jujutsu will allow you to use your personal strengths effectively against an adversary.