The Martial Science Center(MSC), offers classes in different martial disciplines, including Yoshinkai Aikido, Koryu Jujutsu, Toyamaryu Iaijutsu, Goshinjutsu, Modern Tactical and Protection Training. We teach traditional and private classes, seminars, on or off-site private group, and corporate events.

We are pleased to offer a truly dynamic and unique Child and Family Program!  It is taught in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and focuses on attention, cooperation and team work, balance and coordination, self protection, and development of self assurance. It includes training in both the striking and grappling arts, as well as gymnastic tumbling.

Because we know that children and older siblings or parents sometimes enjoy training together, the MSC children’s program is a family program! It challenges all participants at their own level, and adults may both train with their kids and in the fully adult offerings.

At the Martial Science Center, instruction is exceptional in its approach! We explore many applications involving percussion (striking), grappling (standing and ground), and weaponry (modern and classical/traditional), and from a classical and modern point of view. We look for the common threads running between all of these training modalities. Once introduced to this logical and practical mindset, our students tell us they can never look at “martial arts” the same, and that they are forever changed.

Additionally, we host scheduled weekly classes in Yang Family T’ai Chi, and we regularly invite the most highly regarded experts and masters in their respective, legitimate areas of martial disciple to share what they know.

To assist in maintaining physical health, wellbeing and balance, we are fortunate to have a therapeutic massage therapist on site for scheduled appointments.

Through training in these different aspects of martial engagement, our students’ understanding of the arts grows and deepens. This creates an effective library of readily accessible, protective applications, a more confident and balanced mindset, and the wisdom to overcome the many challenges of the dojo and real life.

This is ELITE training for anyone seeking honest, tested, and proven martial arts. It is NOT sport. It is serious battle-tested training, yet anyone of any age, sex, size, or background will be successful with our system.

Others may copy what we do, but why accept less when you or your family can experience true martial training from valid and centuries proven lineages and sources today. 

We invite you to join us now for an introduction, ongoing training, and all special seminars!

Please use the drop-down menu to see information about specific programs. Then, feel free to call us at 248-703-1471.