Kobudo, literally “old martial way,” includes the study of traditional weapon techniques and their relationship with other application types.

Takuma Kan Iai Jutsu uses Toyama Ryu as the base core of study and applies principals from Yagyu Shingan Ryu, Nakamura Ryu, and Sei Shin Ryu. Takuma Kan has a direct affiliation to the Sei Shin Kan International Federation.

Toyama Ryu Iaido is the sword style developed for and taught to the “elite” of the Japanese Imperial Army by the Toyama Military Academy since 1925. Toyama Ryu created an inventory of techniques that were spartanly simple with devastating lethality that could be taught in a short period of time. Until decades after WWII this was jealousy guarded and never taught outside of Japan. Now through the Martial Science Center, this unique style of swordsmanship is available to you.

Exciting, useful, and challenging, this is an interesting field of study on its own and a “must have” segment of martial arts to any serious practioner who needs to better understand their own style of percussion or grappling through cross training. Raise your level of “Attention to Detail” through Takuma Kan Iai Jutsu.

Takuma Kan Iai Jutsu is a segment of the class plan for the Suishinkan Classical Jujutsu Program for the Martial Science Center. All Students in Suishinkan Classical Jujutsu are entitled to and greatly encouraged to attend both Jujutsu and Iai Jutsu classes.