The following are testimonials from some of our trainees and seminar attendees:


Don A.

I started coming to the MSC from its beginning. It is solid training with great real-world intent. I work in Ann Arbor and live near Brighton and still drive to Southfield for THIS training. It is that good. I believe in the program and have since gone through the ranks to become an assistant instructor. I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t believe in the training and the benefits for both myself, and now to pass to others.


Berge A

The Martial Science Center incorporates the formal etiquette of traditional Japanese Martial Sciences with the modern application of battle tested technique that makes its training so effective and relevant!  Training encompasses empty hand AND weapons (traditional and modern) at all levels and dispenses with anything that does not advance the training of the student!  Whether you are a new student on your first class or an experienced ranking martial practitioner you will learn something new in every class!


Brian D.

After training for several years at martial arts schools that based their training on tournaments, I looked around for a school that trained solely for personal protection.  After seeing one of John Parks’ classes, I realized I found what I was looking for.
Parks Sensei is a wonderful teacher with years of experience.  His approach of showing multiple ways to get out of bad situations is good.  His staff of instructors is also great.  Each of them have their own style of teaching and specialty, but the message is always the same; how to protect yourself.
Doug M.
I had trained for a number of years in various disciples.  Most was pretty good training, but it took me YEARS to find a place like the Martial Science Center.  I was hooked after the first class in Jujutsu!  Parks Sensei’s understanding and way of delivering the material is incredible.  I learned more about the WHY I was doing something in just a few months at the Martial Science Center compared to years of my previous training combined.  But, most importantly was learning how to look at the similarities in ALL training rather than the differences.If you are looking for legitimate and realistic Martial Science training, with a pedigree to back it, then you need to check out the Martial Science Center.  You are guaranteed to see the difference!!