New Years Resolution discount

Want to make this year the year your resolutions stick? Want to get in better shape while learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones? Want to feel the empowerment that comes with achievement?

Join the Martial Science Center with our New Years discount.

Buy 2 months of full membership at $129 each month, receive the third month for free.

Remember, you’re not buying a thing or a quick fix, you are buying an activity that will become a habit that will become the New You. Start down that path today by calling Chief Instructor John Parks at (248) 703-1471.

Offer is good for new students only, January-March 2016.

MSC Youth Martial Program

The Martial Science Center is proud and delighted to announce that we are running a really special youth program at our Southfield location!

This is a fun and unique program that includes young people from 4 years of age and up. Your children learn the fundamentals of striking and grappling, how they can be efficiently and simply used to protect themselves, and how to cooperatively work with their fellow students to develop skills so badly needed in today’s world.

Protecting another begins not with kata, but with helping one another bully proof themselves by learning to care.

Our focus is to teach your children focus, understanding, respect, cooperation, self protection, as well as balance, control, efficient technique, and how to have serious fun too!

The MSC trains all of our youth in a way that allows them to enter our adult program seamlessly. And even if your child trains with us for just a short period of time, they will take valuable skills with them in all of their endeavours.

The MSC believes everyone has the right to protect themselves, including the most vulnerable among us. Classes are taught in a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere so information can be easily absorbed. All children at all skill levels are encouraged to attend – everyone learns something new. Everyone is a valuable member and even children with special needs participate  with amazing success!

Our primary Youth Instructors include Marc Herron Sr. Sensei , an attorney, investigator and former police officer. He has a long history of successfully coaching children and youth in multiple sports. He carries NiDan ranking in Okinawan Karate, has served the MSC as senior kyu in both Yoshinkai Aikido and classical Yagyu Koryu Nihon Jujutsu. Marc Sensei has all 4 of his children in MSC programs and his 2 eldest students, Marc Jr  and Ross Senpai serve as assistants and mentors for students. They were our first youth students, have adult program rank and are preparing for adult black belt testing. This could be YOUR child!!

Sultan Ali Randolph Sensei, our other primary youth instructor, serves actively in the United States Coast Guard with rank of Lt. Commander. He has earned his Shodan in Yagyu Koryu Nihon Jujutsu, and holds rank in Toyamaryu Iaido (Sword). He has experience in boxing arts and his a true student with great love of all things martial.

Ali Sensei is the true heart of the youth program. His focus is on grappling, youth aikijutsu, discipline with compassion, cooperative partner work, and transferring his passion to his students. He has a special ability to teach culture, Japanese etiquette, nomenclature and history in a fun way, creating wise youth martial artists!

Within the next month, we will be honored and delighted to have Katrina Herron join us to teach youth tumbling classes! We believe that our students will benefit immensely and that the exciting and fun skills Mrs Herron will teach them will translate directly to our adult programs, improve balance and coordinated movement, focus, strength and so much more! Mrs. Herron is a trained elite gymnast and coach. We can’t wait!!

Youth Class Schedule, age 4 and up

Tuesday and Thursday: 4:45pm to 5:30pm

Saturday: 11 to 11:45 am

Tumbling Class:


12:00pm to 12:45 pm


For more information about our youth offerings we strongly encourage you to come to the dojo, observe or attend a complimentary class, or directly contact our Dojo Cho (Dojo head instructor and owner), John Parks Sensei, at (248) 703-1471.

Note: Your first month costs only $40 and your child may bring a friend – or you – to train for free!!


New Student Special Offer

The Martial Science Center is offering a special deal on enrollment. If you are a NEW STUDENT, if you sign up for two months of training, you will get the third month FREE.

Please call our Chief Instructor, John Parks, at (248) 703-1471 for details.

US-MTA Adaptive Handgun 1

October 27 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Martial Science Center is hosting Mr. John Viol of the United States Martial Tactical Association for Adaptive Handgun 1: Reality based modern tactical training for personal protection.

A one day, two hour, hands-on introduction to reality based professional personal protection training designed for private citizens. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of HOW TO PROTECT AND USE A HANDGUN NOT TO SHOOT during a personal assault. Training applications covered will include armed and unarmed solutions designed to control or neutralize a serious personal threat. Additional tactics and techniques covered will include applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. These modern protection technologies are taught to Military and Law Enforcement Officers and are now available to the general public only through this specialized training seminar. This is a must attend event for everyone with a CPL in Michigan. Note: do not confuse or compare this elite type of training with common self-defense or martial “arts” methods. NOTE: No real firearms will be used.

This training seminar is open to anyone ages 21 & older. No experience necessary. Ideal for men and women. Senior citizens CAN DO THIS!

WEAR: Loose, comfortable, clean daily clothing. We will provide everything else you will need.

FEE: $40.00 per person advanced registration. $50.00 at the door. ISBF / US-MTA members $35.00.

REGISTER: Call John Parks at (248) 703-1471 to register.

INSTRUCTORS: John Viol – Director of the US Martial Tactical Association. Mr. Viol is a 46 year career Martial Tactical veteran instructor. He was a combat trainer overseas for 20 years where he also consulted for members of elite military, law enforcement and dignitary protection services. Mr. Viol will be assisted by certified US-MTA and NRA Instructors.